Weekend of 28th-29th January 2017

Learn to make the right decisions, to analyze the terrain and to explore beyond the boundaries!

MTN ACADEMY SKI-TOURING is the chance to pick up the right reflexes in the mountain environment and the necessary knowledge and skills to enjoy the snowy slopes in safety.
A weekend of training in “snow, avalanches and risk management” while Free Riding and Ski-touring, organized in partnership with Salomon.

    • Activity ?
    • Ski de rando, free rando
  • 250 €
  • Fitness Moderate
  • Competence Intermediate
  • Duration of the outing
    more than a day
  • Supervision by Dorian Labaeye, High Mountain Guide and Salomon "ambassador".
  • The night in a refuge.
  • Loan of ski-touring equipment and seal-skins (on request).
  • The loan of safety equipment—avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe (on request).
You provide
  • Midday meals (individual packed lunch).
  • The evening meal (taken all together).
  • A backpack and your ski clothes.

Target public: Ski-tourers in the broadest sense (free ski-tourers, forest fairies, members of Alpine clubs, and so on). In short, anyone who likes skiing up and down the mountains using nothing but leg-power and will-power.
Level: experienced ski-tourer (capable of 1200m elevation gain).
Limited group size!!! 10 people maximum (5 skiers/guide).


Two days ski-touring and training in the sector of "la Vallée des Avals".
You will be ski-touring, alternating off-piste descents and climbing with seal-skins.
You will get full training in ski-touring safety, nivology (the study of snow conditions and avalanches), transceiver searches, choosing a route and winter risk management.

Day 1

8.30: Meet in Courchevel for briefing and breakfast with coffee and croissants.
9.00: Collecting and adjusting the equipment.
9.30: Climb up about 700m to the Lacs Merlet hut in the Vallée des Avals (it takes about 2 1/2 hr.), leave the equipment there. Then training begins: how to choose uphill and downhill routes, risk management, nivology, transceiver exercises.


Préparation for the next day, meal and night in the Refuge des Lacs Merlet (at 2417m. altitude).

Day 2

8.30am-4 pm: Ski-touring in the Vallée des Avals and more training.
4 pm: Debriefing over a drink.