In this land of enchanted snow, you are the kings and queens of the mountains!
You sample unconditionally the largest ski area in the world “Les 3 Vallées”. Its sunny pistes, its 8 famous resorts, its best-kept secret spots: where we all dream of going. These special routes and trails are now within your reach, and you are literally floating on cloud nine while you are flying back in the helicopter!

    • Activity ?
    • Ski sur piste
    • Hors piste, free ride
  • 1250 €
  • Fitness Moderate
  • Competence Intermediate
  • Duration of the outing
    1 day
  • One day of piste and / or off-piste skiing with an experienced, fully qualified high-mountain guide
  • The loan of safety equipment (avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe)
  • Flight back to resort by helicopter
You provide
  • “Les 3 Vallées” ski pass
  • Meals and refreshments