The Backcountry Spirit

«Backcountry» is the American version of the European term «Off-piste». It’s also synonymous with «wilderness» but implies a geographical area, only accessible through use of the appropriate techniques and specific equipment. In New Zealand, it can also be generally inaccessible or private areas for which permits are required before entering.
In Alpine terms, it means natural areas sometimes close to, but apart from, the publicly accessible, managed and patrolled areas. Such areas are subject to sudden events and hazards such as avalanches, wildlife (sometimes aggressive) and climatic changes of a dangerous nature.

This term is now often used in Europe in place of «off-piste».By using the term «The Backcountry Spirit» we’re inviting people to discover these hitherto rarely frequented areas and to enjoy them in a relaxed and secure way . We can show you these wonders at the same time ensuring your safety by the use of the correct equipment and proper planning!

Why you should use our professional Guide

Our team uses only the best mountain guides and ski instructors with the highest ski qualifications , with years of practical experience.You will learn from their skills and your skiing will progress accordingly.

2. PLANNING ‘‘A la carte’’
We give you the chance to organise your time, fitting in with your rhythm and your wishes. You are the heart of our priorities and we are here to fulfill your wishes in practical terms, adjusted to your skill levels and the mountain experience you are looking for.

We bring together all that you need to help you experience new feelings and sensations. We help you to improve your technical level and skills, also giving you the chance to discover the wonderful natural surroundings. Passing time in the mountains with a guide is the chance to spend a great day and to stir new feelings in your soul.

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